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The year 1872 marks the beginning. The newly founded Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) had been building sailing ships for just one year before the first steamship was laid down. Not only did the company grow with this success but also the desire to invest in new technologies for future business success. Special attention was always paid to mechanical engineering, as it forms the basis for any successful shipyard. This focus paid off: When the German Bundeswehr was looking for a partner for the servicing of vehicles and equipment in the 60s, the company was able to win them over with its highly-developed know-how and years of experience. The initially established tracked vehicle division of the FSG became the FFG in 1980. This laid the foundation for independent development. Based on the enormous knowledge in the field of repair, we then consistently developed to become a specialist for upgrades and service life extensions. What began with the retrofitting of the German armoured personnel carrier Marder in the 1980s, culminated in the development of various M113 modernization concepts. With extensive know-how and many years of experience as an upgrade specialist, the step to become a vehicle manufacturer was the logical continuation of the successful corporate development for FFG.


Today, FFG is an international high-tech company that sets new standards and innovations in defence technology. In addition to repairs - which continues to be and always has been an essential pillar of our activities - the development, manufacture, conversion and optimization of armoured tracked and wheeled vehicles are increasingly part of our core competencies. The company's own developments the vehicles WiSENT 2, ACSV G5, the recovery module for the Boxer and our technology demonstrator Genesis are impressive results of this evolution. While elsewhere, in a world of shrinking defence budgets, people reacted to the changes with consolidations and restructuring, in Flensburg we have not only managed to maintain the size of the company and secure the location of Flensburg in the past few decades, but have even grown contrary to national and international trends. Highly innovative tracked vehicles go from Flensburg to Norway, WiSENT 1 Armoured Recovery Vehicles to Lithuania, WiSENT 2 pioneer armoured vehicles to Hungary and spare parts all over the world. As a reliable service provider, we operate the CBRN material centre of the German Bundeswehr in Kappel and as subcontractor of Saab we are responsible for almost all of the material maintenance in the German Bundeswehr combat training centre.

In short: customers from over 40 countries have been satisfied partners of the FFG for many years.


In the future, FFG will continue to be the reliable repairer, upgrade specialist, manufacturer and partner for the German Bundeswehr, other armed forces and partner companies. To this end, it will be crucial to position the company even more broadly than before and to continue its international orientation.


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