Vehicles that can always be relied on

Based on the reliable Leopard 1 chassis, FFG offers solutions for every challenge. Whether as a bridge layer, bridge transporter, armoured recovery vehicle, armoured engineer vehicle, fascine tank or minesweeper: the possibilities are almost limitless.

In Flensburg, FFG develops, builds and tests individualized support vehicles for operations all over the world.


The entire service chain

From detailed improvements such as the integration of an air-conditioning system to upgrading the entire hydraulic system, enhancing the performance of the engine or chassis components, or even a complete capability transformation, for example from a main battle tank to a bridge transporter, the know-how and versatility of combat-proven FFG solutions are appreciated by our customers worldwide.

Customized solutions

Our development department can draw on a wealth of experience from numerous modernization projects. In this way, we develop sophisticated solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of each customer.

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