Perfection is our driving force

The repair of assemblies is another core competence of The FFG. Thanks to our many years of experience in the processing of components with unusual dimensions and the use of state-of-the-art test bench technology, FFG is your competent partner for system solutions of all kinds.  

The comprehensive know-how in the design and functioning of various assemblies enables FFG to competently handle all parts of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components as well as engines and transmissions of any size. When it comes to testing and repairing assemblies, FFG uses the latest technologies and is also able to manufacture required individual parts quickly and effectively.

Among other things, we repair the engines and transmissions of the following vehicle systems:

  • Leopard 1 und 2 family vehicles,
  • Marder Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle,
  • GTK Boxer,
  • Fuchs/Fox Armoured Transport Vehicle,
  • Fennek Reconnaissance Vehicle and
  • M113.

As an authorised representative of Allison Transmission we are also able to repair transmissions of the 1000, 2000 as well as 4000 series from Allison and to run them on our own test benches. These transmissions are, among others, used in the GTK Boxer and Eagle vehicle systems.


State-of-the-art test bench technology

The high demands on functionality and durability of the components are ensured with the help of extensive testing and diagnostic equipment.

Five test benches for large engines with a braking power of 2,200 kW, three injection pump test benches and two transmission and hydraulic test benches each, as well as various test facilities for electrical components such as generators and starters, are available for the comprehensive examination of various assemblies. In addition, FFG has many years of experience in the field of individual development and construction of test benches.

Excerpt of existing test bench equipment

Engine test benches

Quantity 2
Brake power up to 2200 kW

Transmission test benches

Quantity 2
Drive power 1100 kW


Injection pump test benches

Quantity 3
Drive power 22 kW
Number of measuring points 12

Hydraulic test benches

Quantity 2
High temperature resistant
Flow rate 350 l/min, up to 350 bar


Tailor made solutions

The demands made by the FFG are often not met by commercially available test benches.
In this case, the test devices with the required properties are developed and implemented by FFG.

For example, a high-temperature resistant test bench for testing hydraulic components was realized in this way.

Perfection with attention to detail

The use of state-of-the-art measuring instruments ensures the exact measurement of individual components, which can thus be integrated into the respective complete systems with absolute precision.

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