HiMoLaP – High Mobility Land Platform

A concept study on the integration of new technologies in the field of multi-purpose vehicles was followed by a commission to build a technology demonstrator for the BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support). In 2018, FFG developed and produced the high mobility platform.

The demonstrator was subsequently approved by the BAAINBw and has since been successfully demonstrated in numerous tests.

Key features

  • Highly protected multipurpose vehicles
  • „Active Climbing“ und „Active Cornering“
  • High mobility platform
  • Highest mobility in rough terrain
  • Modular platform



  • Highest mobility
  • Tight turning circle
  • Over 550 km range
  • High payload


  • Mine protection, ballistic protection, add-on armour
  • Weight-reduced design due to advanced composite materials
  • Ergonomic driver cabin with a decoupled secondary unit
  • Advanced power supply, differential with integrated encapsulated brake, CAN-Bus


  • Safe driving even at the top speed of over 70km/h due to a roller system
  • Active Climbing, Active Cornering and the low ground pressure guarantee maximum mobility
  • Air transport capability: A400M in the cargo hold, with CH53K and CH 47 as external loads
  • Efficient drive technologies with an advanced power pack, electric boost technology and an optional hybrid chassis
  • Propulsion with the mission module's own power source


Further information