Wiesel 1 NDV

The BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support) has commissioned FFG to modernize the entire Wiesel 1 fleet of the Bundeswehr and to reduce the number of different versions of the vehicle.

Prior to this, FFG had already completed the development of service life extension measures in a separate project as well as manufactured prototypes of these different versions which now build the basis of the fleet conversion.

Key features

  • Conversion of 181 vehicles
  • Three final versions
  • State-of-the-art protection concept


FFG is now converting the different Wiesel versions to the 3 remaining versions: an anti-tank vehicle equipped with the MELLS missile system, a reconnaissance vehicle and a combat vehicle with a 20 mm machine gun. The total number of vehicles to be converted is 181.

The armoured combat vehicle has been specially designed for airborne combat and enjoys great popularity among the troops. It is capable of being transported by a CH-53 transport helicopter directly to the scene of operations, where it can provide valuable support to the fighting troops.

The changes to the armament and to the operational purpose require extensive modifications to the vehicle hull. A modern protection concept completes the conversion. The vehicle ergonomics, electrics and communications equipment were also completely redesigned by FFG and are now being integrated into the vehicle. With all these measures, the Wiesel 1 will continue to be a reliable and important part of the German Bundeswehr in the years to come and prove its value to the troops.


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