Boxer Armoured Recovery Module

FFGs Armoured Recovery Module (ARM) for the Boxer combines FFG’s Know-how from decades of experience and development in the field of military support vehicles with modern technology, thus adding the recovery component to the globally successful Boxer.

The 20 t crane arm in combination with a 200 kN winch enables comprehensive technical support with the same logistical requirements as the rest of the Boxer fleet. The ARM's smart energy system means that it can also be used "dismounted", e.g. for handling loads.

Key features

  • 100% deployable on the GTK Boxer
  • Integration of Remote Weapon Stations (RWS)
  • Protected Module
  • No additional interfaces required
  • External connection options for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic tools


Recovery expertise

The Recovery Module (ARM) adds modular recovery capability to the GTK Boxer family of vehicles. With the ARM, no additional vehicle or recovery system will be needed in the future to support the existing GTK Boxer fleet. With high logistical similarities, this ensures resource-saving deployment. The 20 t crane arm enables, among other things, the changing of the Boxer modules as well as the changing of the engine. The 200 kN winch with the 60 m long Kevlar rope is extremely easy to handle and offers everything needed for fast recovery and self-recovery tasks. The support shield located at the rear supports and stabilizes the vehicle on any surface.


Our protection systems provide ballistic protection in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569, Level 5 and are expandable according to requirements and vehicle configuration. Seamlessly integrated into the GTK Boxer system, the ARM benefits from the vehicle's own CBRN filter system. The integrated fire extinguishing system protects the crew in the field. Due to the consistent separation of the operating and operator rooms, the crew is additionally protected from thermal influences. This serves to ensure endurance and enables the crew to keep a clear head at all times. Further options such as a 360-degree camera system and the integration option of a remote weapon station round off the operational readiness.

Autonomous deployment

The ARM's power is provided by a protected and continuously monitored lithium battery pack powered by the carrier vehicle. The high capacity of the batteries provides the unique ability to use the ARM without additional power from the main engine or an auxiliary generator, thereby enabling true silent watch on silent work. In addition, use without a carrier vehicle with an external power supply, e.g. as a warehouse handling aid, is possible without further ado. This plus in flexibility is unique and an absolute gain in operations.


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Boxer Armoured Recovery Module

Boxer Armoured Recovery Module