GENESIS – no one heard it coming

Hybrid into the future: The GENESIS technology demonstrator, which is completely self-financed, once again underlines the innovative capacity of FFG and impressively demonstrates the company’s know-how in the fields of hybrid drive technology, software development and electronic control.

FFG recommends itself as a partner and important technology supplier for future vehicle programs, such as the successor to the Fennek reconnaissance vehicle or the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) as a third-generation main battle tank.

The GENESIS combines a modular vehicle concept with hybrid drive technology. The armoured vehicle platform houses the power generation system, the drive system, the driver cabin, and all essential control elements and subsystems. This standardized platform can be configured for a wide range of missions by adding various mission modules. The platform is operated by 2 crew members (commander and driver).

Key features

  • 8x8 wheeled tank with full hybrid drive, single-wheel speed control and recuperation
  • Drive-by-Wire: replacement of the conventional steering system
  • Single-wheel suspension via swing arms, tire pressure control system
  • Diesel-electric power supply with lithium batteries
  • Electronic drive management system with individual speed and torque control for acceleration, deceleration and steering


Hybrid drive

The hybrid drive system is diesel-electric and has a total nominal power of 1,368 kW. A highly efficient diesel-powered generator produces the electrical power as required, which is used to charge the electrical storage unit at the front of the vehicle.
Eight electric drives are supplied with energy from this storage unit and drive the respective wheels via cardan shafts with a torque of up to 15,622 Nm. If one motor fails, it can continue to run without load, without the vehicle having to come to a standstill.

Full torque – right from the start

Unlike combustion engines, full torque is available at all times with electric drives, which is very advantageous in difficult terrain or for accelerations required at short notice.
To ensure the safety of the crew due to hazards of the electric high-voltage system, the GENESIS has numerous safety functions that automatically shut down the electric system if necessary when a fault is detected. One advantage of the modular drive concept is its scalability for use in a wide variety of vehicle designs. In addition to the currently selected 8x8 design, 6x6 or 4x4 drives can also be realized.


Heart of the electric drive system is the "Drive-by-Wire" control system. This system, developed with the expertise of FFG software engineers, no longer requires a physical link between the driver's controls and the individual wheels. Instead, the vehicle is steered via the individual speed control and torque variation of each wheel. Since the drivetrain does not require conventional transmissions and steering elements, the costs of procuring and maintaining components, which are necessary in conventional drivetrains are eliminated. All essential functions of the vehicle are monitored via three multifunctional touch displays and controlled by the crew.

True silent watch

In purely electric mode, the hybrid, diesel-electric energy concept allows almost silent driving or operation of the on-board systems for reconnaissance and communication without the need for an internal combustion engine to run (silent watch).
In certain temperature ranges, only the fans of the cooling system or the tires create noise. However, these are low compared to conventional drives.
The energy system of the GENESIS can also be used to provide electrical energy for other devices in stationary field camp operation.


Equipment variants

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