Vehicle conversion SISU Pasi XA-203N

The SISU Pasi XA-203N already has a long history of service, dating back to 1983. Originally, the 6×6 all-wheel drive armoured transport vehicle was manufactured by the Finnish vehicle manufacturer SISU Auto. Nowadays, a large number of different variants exist.

In 2016, the Norwegian procurement agency NDMA commissioned FFG to develop a new version by converting 30 vehicles of the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) and Command Post Vehicle (CPC) versions: the Multi-Role Medical Platform.

Key features

  • Newly developed ambulance kit
  • Simultaneous care of up to four patients
  • Completely new space concept to save space
  • Variable operating width



FFG developed an ambulance kit to meet the requirements of the Norwegian Army, taking into account the limited space in a 6x6 vehicle and the restrictions on additional weight.


The ambulance kit was integrated in such a way that the ambulances could later be easily converted back to the initial configuration (personnel carrier or command post). FFG successfully implemented this project after three years of development, testing and conversion. The converted vehicles have a highly variable range of applications. The MRSP is ideally suited for evacuation measures, initial and follow-up treatment of the most seriously injured as well as search and rescue tasks.

Operational readiness

One medical doctor and one paramedic can attend to two patients transported lying down or one lying down and three sitting patients. For these purposes, the interior has been completely redesigned and an electrical system adapted to the mission role has been installed with a variety of necessary medical equipment – e.g. a flexible support system for severely injured patients or a lighting system that allows complete illumination of the patient and permits an illumination level adapted to the mission.


Safety played an important role during development. To this end, the entire equipment was subjected to an extensive test procedure to rule out the possibility of equipment tearing off in the event of a mine detonation, which would lead to risks in the vehicle interior. The newly installed seat concept provides state-of-the-art mine protection for the paramedics and patients by safely decoupling them from the vehicle floor.

The vehicle impresses with its high adaptability in a wide range of scenarios, its high safety level and its variability in evacuation, treatment and recovery situations.


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