Pupils and Students

Vocational Training

The direct entry into practice is just right for you and you can't wait to swap your school desk for a desk or a workbench? FFG offers you training opportunities in a total of 13 different professions, where you will learn everything you need to know in a practical way and with a wide range of activities. Always at your side: a strong team. In other words, everything you need for a successful start to your career.

Dual studies

We also have the right solution for those who love challenges. In addition to vocational training, during which you will get to know all relevant specialist areas intensively, you will complete a degree in business administration or industrial engineering in cooperation with renowned educational institutions. This will require your commitment and ambition, but it will also be rewarded with two degrees.

Student internship

Whether your school requires you to do an internship or whether you would like to explore the world of work on your own – we offer internships where you can get a little closer to your future dream job. You can get a taste of many different areas or take a closer look at a specific occupational training. Of course, our trainees are always close at hand to answer your personal questions.

Internship / Practical semester

Would you like to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know a completely different industry or simply a different city during the course of your studies? No problem. At FFG, you can put your theoretical knowledge from your studies to the practical test in all areas of the company and get involved in many exciting projects. And if it suits you, we will also be happy to accompany you on the home stretch of your final thesis.


If your internship semester with us has inspired you and you would like to stay, then just do it. We are constantly working on projects and diverse, practice-oriented tasks that are worth to be examined in a thesis, and we will be happy to support you. A topic can always be found. And if we don't know each other yet, but you are sure that you have a great idea for a topic, feel free to contact us.

Working students

Gaining practical experience and earning money during your studies is not difficult at all. FFG continuously offers the opportunity to actively support different areas as a working student. It is particularly important for us to find the right location for each individual and then combine flexible working hours with responsible tasks. Then there is no obstacle for your entry into the practical world.