Our world-wide service

FFG's customer service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.

With a highly qualified service team, we have been guaranteeing a wide range of national and international services and reliable operational readiness since 1960.

Thanks to our flexibility, the short-term provision of staff and support even on Sundays and public holidays are not an obstacle.


Comprehensive qualifications and the necessary welding and test certificates enable an all-encompassing service portfolio, which is continuously expanded.

Our range of services includes the repair and maintenance of wheeled and tracked vehicles including vehicle-related weapons systems and conversion kits.

In addition to maintenance services, including all system-related tests, our service team also takes care of accident repairs and the installation of technical modifications.

Moreover, a wide range of expertise can be offered in the repair and modernization of weapon, air conditioning, power generation and telecommunications systems.

The service portfolio of our customer service could also be expanded by the facility in Gerolzhofen, where we repair mobile cranes FKL / FKM up to IHS 4 (depot level maintenance).


Since 2020, the FFG Servicecenter Letzlingen has been supporting and guaranteeing the operational readiness and availability of all vehicles as well as all telecommunications systems, weapons and quartermaster material for the training units of the combat training center for the German Army (GÜZ).


An extensive FFG-owned material warehouse guarantees fast and effective support. We have a large number of new and refurbished spare parts in stock especially for NATO requirements.

Service Portfolio tracked vehicles

  • ARV 3 Buffalo
  • MBT Leopard 1 and family vehicles
  • MBT Leopard 2
  • AIFV Marder
  • Wiesel 1 Weapon Carrier
  • M113 (all variants)
  • BV 206 D

Service Portfolio wheeled vehicles

  • MRAPV Boxer
  • TPz Fox
  • Fennek Recconaissance Vehicle
  • FKL / FKM mobile cranes
  • Multi 8 x 8
  • Wolf all terrain vehicle
  • Enok protected all terrain vehicle

Additional Services

  • Welding on armored steel, aluminum and steel
  • Repair and modernization of weapon systems, power generating sets, air conditioning and telecommunications systems
  • Implementation of system-relevant tests

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