Efficient service life extension through FFG upgrade

Based on more than 65 years of experience in the industrial refurbishment of military vehicles, FFG developed its first own M113 modernization concept more than 35 years ago. To date, FFG has modernized more than 1,600 M113 vehicles in a wide variety of configurations, always meeting the individual requirements of each customer to their complete satisfaction. Of course, FFG ensures that existing kits can be further used and also regularly takes on the modernization of kits.

Key features

  • Additional payload
  • Various configurations possible
  • Service life extension of up to 30 years
  • Increased crew protection



  • New power packs
  • Improved suspension
  • Integration of a composite rubber track
  • Significantly increased payload
  • New dual-circuit braking system meets safety requirements


  • Ballistic protection, scalable on demand through an Add-on Armour concept
  • Protection against RPG
  • Active protection systems
  • Mine protection

Vehicle technology

  • Powerful electrical supply
  • Modern electrical architecture / NGVA
  • CAN-Bus Integration


  • Interior concept with focus on requirements of today's soldiers (size, weight)
  • Roof elevation and hull extension provide additional protected space
  • Air conditioning creates a tolerable working environment

Project M577

On behalf of the Norwegian procurement agency NDMA, FFG is supplying and integrating upgrade kits for the M577A2, a command post vehicle based on the M113.

The upgrade kit includes several vehicle components: A new power pack with a significantly improved automatic transmission and a dual-circuit braking system improve agility and safety. The vehicle's protection level is significantly raised to counter the threat of ballistic attacks as well as mines. Air conditioning may be integrated to improve working conditions in all climatic zones. In addition, modifications will be made to the chassis and running gear to increase its load capacity. This will be achieved through the integration of a new final-drive as well as a composite rubber track to minimize vibration and noise.

  • High level of protected mobility
  • Significantly improved ergonomics and comfort according to Human Machine Interface guidelines
  • Significant power and mobility performance increase

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M113 Modernisation

M113 Modernisation