Innovative vehicles for every challenge

FFG is a diverse company. This is also reflected in the product range of this medium-sized system house. From innovative in-house developments to standardised modernisations and the design of technology demonstrators: FFG is equally active in all areas. The quality of our vehicles is the result of decades of experience. The overall concept meets the needs of our customers both nationally and internationally.

The developments section includes the WiSENT 1 and 2 support vehicles, the recovery module for the Boxer and the ACSV G5.

The modernisation category shows product improvements to wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Finally, vehicle types that are used to test the suitability of solutions for everyday use, their intergration and their application are regarded as technology carriers. These innovative technologies are implemented both on contract bases for customers and with our own company resources.


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A proven track record

A proven track record