Protected APCs


Large interior, great protection.

Mission Possible

PMMC G5 – highly flexible with mission modules

With the PMMC G5 (Protected Mission Module Carrier), FFG developed a vehicle that can carry additional loads thanks to its spacious interior and flexible deployment options.

The very high level of protection sets new standards in its weight class. Even in its basic configuration the PMMC G5 provides an exceptionally high level of protection against mines and IEDs. The ballistic protection can be increased with the quick and easy installation of add-on armour.

The PMMC G5 provides maximum flexibility and is an excellent investment in the future of modern Armed Forces. The huge internal space and the versatile interior design allow the configuration of the PMMC G5 for almost any mission task. The interior kits use standardised parts and components and can easily be modified, adapted, or replaced by other kits within a very short time.

The combination of the basic vehicle platform G5 and the standardized mission kits assure the accurate configuration of the vehicle into the variant that best fulfills the given mission requirements.



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