Heavy tracked vehicles


Modularity, mobility and a high level of protection.

Powerhouse - for all the most difficult jobs

WiSENT – the upgrade for the BPz 2 Standard

Prepared for every challenge: with the proven WiSENT ARV, AEV or MC, FFG provides the best answer to structural changes in many armies across the globe and is ready to meet future challenges. The flexible configuration options range from the Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) with a 30 ton crane to the Armoured Engineer Vehicle (AEV) with a hinged arm excavator up to the WiSENT Mineclearing (MC), which has a powerful mine-plough for fast and safe tactical demining.

All variants boast excellence performance data: the engine provides 960 hp and a top speed of 65 km/h. This means the WiSENT can easily follow the tank corps even over difficult terrain.

The NATO STANAG 4569 ballistic protection level 5 as well as level 3 protection against mines provide sufficient crew safety in conflict areas.

Whether with a weapon station, a heat-reflecting camouflage net or the other optional packages available - the WiSENT provides excellence with modularity, mobility and a high level of protection. This makes it a perfect companion for combat vehicles.



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