Test bench and diagnostic technology

Extensive checks to guarantee the best quality.

Performance and test runs at the highest level

Most up to date diagnostic technology

We can ensure high requirements on the functionality and the durability of the components with our extensive test benches and diagnostic equipment.

Four test benches are available for the extensive examination of different large engine assemblies, two test benches each for transmissions, hydraulics and fuel injection pumps. There is also a variety of test equipment for electrical components like generators and starters. Commercially available test benches often do not meet the needs of FFG. In which case the necessary test benches along with the needed properties are directly developed and implemented by FFG. In this way a high temperature resistant test bench for the test of hydraulic components was realised.

Moreover the use of the most modern measuring equipment and the precise measurement of individual components ensure that the components fit exactly and can be integrated into the respective complete systems.



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