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FFG Canada Ltd. 

FFG Canada Ltd. is a Canadian company founded in February 2012, which takes over most of the work for the Canadian WiSENT 2 AEV project. FFG and the Canadian Industrial Rubber Company Ltd. each have 50% of the shares. FFG Canada Ltd. is located in Bathurst, New Brunswick.

The work that has to be done is concentrated mainly in assembling and delivering the vehicles to the Canadian government. The projects ends in 2017 and the activities of the company should then be expanded into other projects.

FFG Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG




FTN manufactures, markets and leases wheeled and special vehicles as well as mobile bridges both nationally and internationally. 
FTN has been established in the market since 2006 and continues to grow. As a result of the amalgamation of companies that produced wheeled and special vehicles as well as mobile bridges the company with the name "FTN Fahrzeugtechnik Nord GmbH" was founded in 2012.


Jungenthal Wehrtechnik GmbH

Jungenthal Wehrtechnik GmbH based in Kirchen has been a subsidiary of the FFG since 2007. The Arn. Jung Lokomotivfabrik GmbH founded in 1868 preceded the Jungenthal Wehrtechnik GmbH as it is known today and has developed into one of Europe's leaders when it comes to the building of hulls and recovery equipment for armoured vehicles. Since the second world war the Jungenthal Wehrtechnik GmbH has been involved in almost all important military projects involving military vehicles as an important supplier. The production spectrum today is wide-ranging and encompasses apart from new production also the repair of assemblies for rescue equipment, braking systems, tanks and running gear.


Rexxon GmbH

Rexxon develops and manufactures air conditioning systems in both compact and split forms for railed vehicles and military applications. Additionally, control and regulation systems for vehicle applications are produced along with products for generating energy (APU) and its distribution. Other areas of expertise are with electro technical vehicle components, development services in the electronics area and general software.




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