The full alphabet of engineering solutions

In order to meet national and international tasks and requirements, FFG provides complete solutions from A to Z: from development and construction, manufacture and modernization; and maintenance on-site to on-time global delivery and after-sales service round the clock. FFG has a global network for spare parts logistics - which means all parts are available everywhere quickly and reliably.  And should something be missing, we can cost-effectively manufacture high-quality assemblies and components ourselves.

Innovative development work at FFG

FFG innovations ensure that you can overcome future challenges with our solutions. This goes for new developments as well as detailed improvements or the optimization of entire systems. In conjunction with universities, colleges and material testing institutes, our engineers, designers, manufacturing and control specialists and electronics engineers and programmers develop innovative solutions. This has resulted in, for example, the versatile PMMC G5, the concept for the WiSENT 2, the construction of the aluminium bodywork of the Flensburger Koffer or the development of customer-specific solutions for the elephant high-pressure rinsing and suction vehicle.

Targeted technical creativity and many years of experience are the best pre-conditions for FFG's success in the future.

But new solutions are not always necessary - it is often more useful to develop intelligent system improvements and additions. This is where the unique expertise of FFG lies: the optimization and performance improvement of proven systems sets new standards.



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